18th March 2023


ALPLA has been involved in the recycling of plastic and the processing of the recycled material into new packaging for more than 30 years. Global Recycling Day 2023 will take a look at the most important developments and measures in this area in recent years.

ALPLA Recycling

The circular economy has been an integral part of ALPLA’s sustainability strategy for many years and the company always advocates for a closed plastic packaging loop in accordance with the bottle-to-bottle principle. Recycling plays a key role in this, giving value to used packaging. This enables more efficient collection systems, sustainably closes loops and heavily promotes the ongoing development of recycling technologies.

ALPLA operates a number of its own recycling plants for PET and HDPE. It has the wholly owned ALPLA subsidiaries PET Recycling Team in Austria, Germany and Poland, plants in Mexico, Italy and Spain, and joint ventures in Mexico, Thailand and Romania. In total, the annual installed recycling capacity of these operations amounts to approximately 203,000 tonnes of rPET (recycled PET) and 74,000 tonnes of rHDPE (recycled HDPE).

To continue promoting the subject of recycling in the future, ALPLA is investing around 50 million euros a year in the expansion of its own recycling activities.

ALPLA milestones:






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