17th November 2021

ALPLA wins a gold German Design Award

The refill system The Simple One has won gold at the renowned German Design Award 2022. Two other very sustainable products developed by ALPLA were also recognised – the refill pack NOW and the ultralight TetherTube.

Simple One German Design Award Gold

Gold for The Simple One - Susanne Kaufmann

The annual German Design Award recognises outstanding product design that offers decisive brand added value. In 2022, ALPLA’s refill system The Simple One clinched the highest award, gold, in the category Excellent Product Design.  It is just one of three products in the subcategory Eco Design to have secured this gold status. The especially sustainable packaging solution was developed in close collaboration with the cosmetics brand Susanne Kaufmann as the first product of its kind to be brought to market maturity and successfully rolled out in the market.

Two other ALPLA entries – the NOW refill pack and the practical TetherTube – were among the award winners in the area of sustainable product design.

Gold for The Simple One – Susanne Kaufmann

The Simple One is an innovative refill system from ALPLA. Made of rigid plastic, it offers an alternative to soft and often unwieldy refill pouches (same weight with the same filling volume). The cosmetics brand Susanne Kaufmann introduced it to the market as refill packaging for its glass bottles. The ultralight bottle is made of 75 per cent recycled plastic (rHDPE) and is 100 per cent recyclable. This is a first in the cosmetics industry.

‘With The Simple One, ALPLA presents a new refill system which is no longer provided in soft pouches. Instead, the container is so stable that it can stand by itself, even when empty. The ultralight bottle does not weigh any more than its soft predecessors. Susanne Kaufmann, the beauty brand that brought this innovative refill packaging for their glass bottles to market, shows how the packaging of the bottle can look convincingly high quality.’

Statement of the jury, German Design Award 2022

Special Mention for NOW

Refill packs are becoming increasingly popular for cleaning products. The reasons why are plain to see – they are small and light, consume significantly less plastic, reduce transport expenses and make it possible for, for example, spray bottles to be reused. With NOW, ALPLA presents an ideal packaging solution for concentrated cleaning agents that boasts special added value in addition to numerous environmental benefits – it is safe, easy and fun for consumers to use.


Special Mention for NOW

Special Mention for TetherTube

Simple, practical and good for the environment – the lightweight TetherTube for creams, liquids or powders is made entirely of one material, including the cap, can be produced from recycled plastic and can be fully recycled after use. It is perfect for refill packaging and is easy for consumers to use. The cap remains connected to the tube with a band after opening. TetherTube can be made from HDPE or LDPE plastic.


Special Mention for TetherTube

The German Design Award

The German Design Award has been being presented by the German Design Council, one of the world’s leading centres of excellence for design, brands and innovation, since 2012. Presented in a variety of categories, it is one of the most renowned awards for product design in the German-speaking world. Only entries which are nominated on account of their special design quality can participate in the competition. They are then judged and recognised by a jury of experts.

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