26th June 2019

Coming together on environmental protection

Sustainability and in particular the environmentally conscious use of resources are the basis of ALPLA’s business practices, ensuring that future generations can live in a healthy environment too. We see our 20,800 employees around the world as key accelerators of this set of values. Because the actions of each and every one of us can have an impact on the environment, even in day-to-day decisions such as the means of transport one chooses.

World Environment Day at ALPLA

The United Nations uses World Environment Day, which is held annually on the 5th of June, to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection. Around the world, governments, businesses, organisations and individuals get involved in this day of action. This year’s theme was ‘Beat Air Pollution’. As in previous years, ALPLA CEO Günther Lehner personally invited those in charge of all 178 ALPLA plants to come together with their staff to take a stand for environmental protection in their respective regions. Clean-ups were organised at many sites, including in Dubai where they had sweltering temperatures and in Dayton, USA despite the devastating tornadoes that had recently hit there.

At a number of sites, ALPLA employees implemented solutions to local problems. In Guayama, Puerto Rico, for example, a recycling station was installed on a beach, while in India, more than 200 trees were planted. In Duque de Caxias, Brazil, a multi-day event included partnering with schools and a local government agency with the aim of raising the awareness of environmental issues among the people in the region.

Our colleagues at the in-house plant in Port Sunlight in the UK demonstrated that environmental protection makes more sense and is more fun when you tackle it together. The ALPLA staff there answered the call not only of our management, but also of our customers, with a total of 76 participants cleaning up the nearby beach.

We are only able to touch on a few of the over ninety WED 2019 activities in this report, but we would like to wholeheartedly thank all the organisers, all the supporters and all those who participated for their commitment to the environment.

Author profile

Nicole Kocher, Sustainability Expert

Nicole recently joined ALPLA as a sustainability expert and was responsible for organising activities for WED 2019 around the world. Born in the United States, Nicole began her career in the technical field, but later became a sustainability expert based on her growing concern for the environment. She managed a number of award-winning sustainability initiatives at Intel Corporation and garnered experience in sustainability research at Harvard’s School of Public Health and in sustainability communication within the United Nations Environment Programme.

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