9th July 2021

PET mineral water bottles: the best travel companions

Many people buy mineral water for consumption at home in PET bottles and have good justification for doing so. As a packaging material, this plastic also impresses with additional advantages when people are on the move or engaging in sport.

Walkers and sports enthusiasts who cover distances of many kilometres know that the greater the distance, the more every gram you have to carry counts. PET bottles for refreshment when out and about are the perfect solution here. Be they 0.33 litres or 0.5 litres, the bottles have a tare weight of just a few grams – pure drinking pleasure coupled with almost zero extra weight.

Safe and sound in the car

You sometimes need some refreshment when travelling in the car too. This is obviously usually in a handy PET bottle. The bottles fit nicely into car door pockets and drinks holders, can be opened with one hand and – at least as important – can be securely closed again with one hand too. In the event that you need to brake sharply or change direction quickly, the drinks stay where they belong – in the bottle, with the bottles staying in the door or in the centre console. Glass bottles effectively rule themselves out as an alternative. They are cumbersome, rattle around in their crates, can often not be closed again and are above all breakable – not exactly good travel companions.

Zero risk of breakage, no shards

Something that amateur athletes can learn from the professional sportspeople is that glass bottles are taboo. They exclusively opt for plastic as the packaging material, be it a football player taking a quick swig on the substitutes’ bench, the drinks at the refreshment stations on a long-distance run or what a cyclist has in their bike bottle holder. There are good reasons for this as plastic is robust and unbreakable. Glass bottles are not allowed at most event venues anyway, for reasons of general safety. We would be wise to apply this safety awareness to visits to outdoor swimming pools, bathing lakes and parks too. With PET bottles, you protect yourself, others and nature from the dangers of glass shards.

The environment benefits too

Talking of the environment, PET bottles give us a completely clear conscience and has a good environmental footprint. Less energy is needed to manufacture a plastic bottle than is needed for a glass bottle. In addition, PET bottles can be recycled very well and stay in circulation for a long time following the bottle-to-bottle principle.  In a subsequent product life, PET can be used for the manufacture of pipes, films or textiles. And even at the end of its life cycle, this plastic is sustainable. When incinerated, the material can be used to generate electricity or heating.

(Author: Claudia Wörner, yes or no.)

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