21st May 2024

People at ALPLA – Interview with Michaela Ecker-Zeiler

36-year-old Michaela Ecker-Zeiler from Styria has a firm grip on the figures at ALPLAindustrial. In the People at ALPLA interview, she tells us among other things about the importance of listening carefully in order to be able to provide good solutions and also tells us what she would do with an extra hour a day.

Michaela Ecker-Zeiler working on her laptop.

Michaela Ecker-Zeiler is Controlling Manager at ALPLAindustrial.

Hi, Michaela, nice to talk to you. Can you tell us a bit about your responsibilities at ALPLAindustrial?

Hello. Yes, of course. I have now been working for our company for twelve years. Back then, I was hired to work in the Controlling department at Wolf Plastics Verpackungen. I have been supporting and further developing the company’s finances since then. Starting as a junior controller, I am now responsible for the Finance department at the site in Kammern im Liesingtal. I am also the site’s authorised signatory and provide controlling support for the ALPLAindustrial Group.

Numbers play an important part in your day-to-day work. Have you always been interested in numbers or did this just come about in your career?

Figures and structures have always been very important to me – although I also have a very creative streak in me. My first professional training was in the field of fashion design. But even in this apprenticeship, I was very interested in accounting and business administration. After a brief orientation phase, I studied interpreting and translation for a year, but I soon realised I saw myself more in the financial sector.

Describe a typical working day for you.

On a typical working day, I spend around 50% of my time in front of my PC, processing ad hoc requests or preparing regular financial reports such as monthly reports on financial results. The other 50% is usually spent in consultation with colleagues in other departments or at other sites. Meetings are held to discuss projects, prepare investments, draw up new reports and discuss target-performance analyses.

What are the biggest challenges in your work?

I see two areas as major challenges. Firstly, providing the right figures and tools for an ever-changing work environment. But this challenge probably applies to all professions.

Secondly, I love the challenge of listening to learn exactly what my colleagues want and need. Identifying in our talks what’s needed for the situation in hand. And developing suitable analyses and tools in a solution-oriented manner.

What has been your favourite project at ALPLAindustrial to date?

What I found most exciting was the sale of Wolf Plastics to ALPLAindustrial. You really don’t know what’s coming, what’s changing and what will stay the same. But you learn a lot. About yourself, your work, your colleagues, your company. Ultimately, we work together to develop the possibility of a good future for the entire company.

What advice would you give to new colleagues at ALPLA?

I would simply give new colleagues a warm welcome to the ALPLA family. To a family where our strengths are valued and strengthened. I would share the following with everyone: let’s make a difference together!

How would you describe ALPLA in three words?

Family-like, strong and dynamic.

Imagine you had an extra hour a day. What would you do with this hour?

I’d spend the time in my garden. Tending and caring for trees and vegetables, from seed to harvest. Nature is something so wonderful and can give us so much wisdom, energy and strength.

Which four things are on your bucket list – what do you absolutely want to have done?

Personally, I’m not the kind of person to work with bucket lists. I prefer to take the situations and developments as they arise and try to get the best out of every day. That means I enjoy going to work and I spend the working day with my great colleagues. In the evening, I go home satisfied and spend my private time with my loved ones. But I approach every day positively and give it the opportunity to surprise me positively 😊

What else should I have asked you?

My question to me would have been this: what makes your job the best job in the world?

OK, what makes your job the best job in the world?

I love it when things are always exciting. When you look for solutions together with colleagues. When the interpersonal aspect is just right, as well as the professional aspect.

Thank you.


Personal Details

Michaela Ecker-Zeiler
Controlling Manager at ALPLAindustrial
36 years old

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