3rd April 2024

Sustainable developments at ALPLA Bridgwater

Through innovative waste reduction, rigorous energy management and the consistent implementation of the Zero Pellet Loss programme, ALPLA Bridgwater has not only won the internal sustainability award, but also serves as inspiration for other ALPLA productions worldwide.


The most impressive progress at the ALPLA in-house plant in Bridgwater, which processes nearly 8,000 tonnes of material annually, has been made in waste reduction over the past few years. The annual waste decreased from almost 52,000 kilograms in 2011 to just 1,118 kg in 2023. This was achieved, among other things, by keeping the waste clean for reuse. Additionally, a shredder was installed to convert large clumps back into flakes. For 2024, the plant has set a goal of reducing waste to under 1,000 kg.

waste per year

Energy saving – more than just numbers

Energy efficiency is another core element of ALPLA’s sustainability strategy. Measures introduced to reduce compressed-air consumption led to an energy saving of 696,493 kWh in 2023, a reduction of 25% compared to the previous year. This was achieved, among other things, by fixing air leaks, optimising compressors and regularly querying data to quickly respond to possible deviations.

Julian Preece_

‘The work we have done here has also been noticed by our customer, and several energy-saving projects have been developed that will be worked on together in the future.’

Julian Preece, Operations Manager ALPLA Bridgwater

Successful Zero Pellet Loss

In the area of Zero Pellet Loss, the team in Bridgwater focuses on ensuring that nothing is spilled during the unloading process. By training the drivers and creating awareness of the problem, they have successfully ensured that no pellets are wasted. Regular checks are carried out during weekly internal audits.

Recognition of efforts

All these efforts were recognised by the awarding of the ALPLA Sustainability Award 2021, as the waste reduction project was able to prevail internally against around 30 sustainability projects. This award not only reflects the hard work and dedication of the team when it comes to sustainability, but also demonstrates the innovative spirit that distinguishes ALPLA as a market leader in the packaging industry.

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