27th August 2021

Jana mineral water in a 100 per cent rPET bottle

Jana natural, still mineral water made by the Croatian producer Jamnica is now available in a 0.5-litre bottle made entirely of recycled PET (rPET). The plastic used comes from the post-consumer recycling cycle.

With the introduction of this climate-friendly packaging solution developed together with ALPLA, the mineral water bottling company Jamnica is taking an important step in implementing its sustainability strategy in the area of packaging and recycling.

Marinko Pleština, Executive Director of Production, Development and Quality at the Fortenova Beverage Group, of which Jamnica is a part: ‘The new Jana bottle is made entirely of recycled plastic sourced from the post-consumer recycling cycle. This cycle begins with every one of us being mindful of disposing of used PET packaging in the designated waste containers or via the existing systems for the recovery of plastic packaging. Because this used and collected packaging isn’t waste, but a resource for further use and for the production of rPET. In generating rPET using recycled plastic, we can reduce our CO2e emissions by 78 per cent compared with the volume we need for the manufacture of PET preforms using new raw materials.’

In line with the sustainability strategy

The roll-out of the new Jana rPET bottle is one of many initiatives within the Fortenova Group’s sustainability strategy for the beverage sector. ‘Our strategy regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on five areas – packaging and recycling, reduction of the carbon footprint, water conservation, care for our employees and for the community in which we operate. One of the primary objectives of our sustainability strategy is to introduce more climate-friendly packaging,’ explains Helena Radić Bosanac, PR and Communications Manager at the Fortenova Beverage Group.

At the same time as the roll-out of the 100 per cent rPET 0.5-litre bottle, all of the beverage group’s main brands (Jamnica, Jana in packaging larger than 0.5 litres, Sarajevski kiseljak, Mg Mivela, Sky Cola) are launching weight-reduced PET packaging.

Close business ties have existed between ALPLA and Jamnica with its Jana brand for decades. For some years now, there has also been a partnership in the areas of innovation and product development, focusing on the topics of sustainability and recycling. ‘The new 0.5-litre Jana bottle made entirely of highest quality bottle grade recycled PET from one of our close ALPLA recycling plants is an outstanding result of this joint initiative,’ says Primoz Agrez, ALPLA’s Multi-Country Manager Balkan/Adria.

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