29th February 2024

People at ALPLA - Interview with Holger Matzke

Holger Matzke is the Head of Business Planning & Analytics in North America. He’s been with the company for nearly 30 years and has since made a huge contribution to the success of the business. Starting his career in ALPLA Mexico, he later moved to the North American region where he’s since been instrumental in paving the region’s road map for growth. Here’s how he’s been able to make such a big impact. 

Holger Matzke, Head of Business Planing and Analytics

Holger Matzke, Head of Business Planning and Analytics NOAM

What first attracted you to ALPLA as an employer? 

I was first attracted to ALPLA because I perceived the company as a very dynamic and progressive company with engaged leadership.

How long have you been working for the company and what exactly do you do? 

In March it will be 27 years with ALPLA. I started working at ALPLA Mexico as the responsible person for the sales department, and after that it has been a very exciting journey. My career ranged from large-scale project management, technical sales activities and currently I’m supporting the North American team with the elaboration of business plans for new growth opportunities.

What has made your time at ALPLA so unique that ultimately influenced your decision to remain with the organization for over 20 years? 

ALPLA is a family-owned company that values and nurtures individual strengths.

Can you say something about some of the contributions you’ve made to the growth of the company thus far? 

ALPLA is a global company, and when I joined, ALPLA Mexico had only one facility.  I relocated to the USA in 2004 about seven years later – Mexico was successfully operating 11 facilities as a result of great teamwork. In North America, we were able to implement and kick-off a large-scale project delivery system. I’m very proud of this. 

So, how important is business planning to the success of the business? 

An accurate business plan allows us to make the right decisions in terms of profitability and long-term success. It is a main objective of my team to reflect our customers’ requirements and expectations in a realistic and competitive operating plan. This is done with the support and collaboration with great global and regional cross-functional teams. 

Can you also share one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career? 

To always take time to analyse any given challenge from different perspectives.

What do you look forward to at work each day? 

For me, it’s been to learn something new and meaningful, and to contribute to ALPLA North America’s growth and long-term success.

For anyone interested in this career, what would you say sets your team apart?

We try to look at business opportunities from different angles, not only from a sales point of view but also from technical and operational perspectives.

You often work with the leadership team and department heads. How have you been able to earn their respect and buy in over the years? 

Hard work, perseverance, availability and attention to detail.

Any further advice you’d like to share? 

Be passionate about everything you do in life, professionally and personally.


Five fun facts 


Favourite place to travel? Anywhere with a nice white sandy beach.

Best restaurant to eat at (can be anywhere)? I love Mexican food. La Casa de Toño is a must-visit whenever I have a chance to go to Mexico.

Cruises or planes? Planes

Book recommendation? I recommend The Other 90% by Robert K. Cooper.

One thing that would surprise people about you? I try to keep my right brain hemisphere active; I enjoy painting in my free time.

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