17th January 2024

Successful collaboration and exciting prospects - ALPLApharma and Inden Pharma at Pharmapack 2024

The collaboration between ALPLApharma, the pharmaceutical division of ALPLA, and Inden Pharma in their joint venture has proven to be successful in less than a year, opening new horizons in a challenging market. Proudly reflecting on the achievements so far with an expanded product offering and improved services, the teams eagerly anticipate the challenges of 2024. On January 24th and 25th, 2024, visitors can explore new products and the existing product portfolio at Pharmapack in Paris.


ALPLApharma and Inden Pharma will exhibit together at Pharmapack 2024 fair in Paris from January 24th to 25th.

Walter Knes, Managing Director of ALPLApharma, expresses his delight about the partnership: "Working daily with colleagues from Inden in the context of the joint venture is very enriching. In a short time, we are already benefiting from the expertise and extensive experience of our partner in the pharmaceutical market."

Juan Guillem, Managing Director of Inden Pharma, shares the enthusiasm for the joint venture: "We particularly appreciate the global network and expertise of ALPLA and are happy to be part of the Family of Pioneers. Experience and knowledge serve as a common foundation for growth and innovation."

As a sign of their future-oriented approach, the partners plan further global-focused acquisitions in the near future to strengthen their presence and better serve customers worldwide.

Highlights at Pharmapack 2024

A key event in 2024 will be their participation in the Pharmapack trade fair in Paris from January 24th to 25th, where existing and potential customers will be welcomed at their joint booth. At the same time, new products will be introduced to the public, such as the CRC Cap 36 Silicagel. This innovative tamper-evident (TE) closure with child-resistant features (CRC) has integrated desiccant (silica gel) with a capacity ranging from 1.2 g to 4.2 g in each stopper. Paired with perfectly matching bottles ranging from 20 ml to 500 ml, this product becomes a versatile and innovative system solution.


At Pharmapack, the JV ALPLA INDEN Pharma is presenting a new tamper-evident closure with child-resistant features and integrated desiccant.

Safe Pha

Additionally, the partners present SafePha, an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical packaging that offers numerous benefits. The holographic elements of SafePha deter counterfeiters and provide aesthetic appeal. Each packaging also includes a unique QR code for reliable product authentication, promoting digital patient communication, trust, and brand loyalty. Furthermore, SafePha is cost-effective and scalable without additional expenses.

Christian Hehle, Sales Director at ALPLApharma, along with his colleagues, will present the continually growing portfolio at Pharmapack, emphasizing an important aspect: "At Pharmapack, we showcase our steadily expanding portfolio, always in harmony with the theme of sustainability. This orientation underscores our commitment to actively contribute to a sustainable future."

Safe Pha

About the JV ALPLApharma and Inden Pharma

ALPLApharma and Inden Pharma announced a joint venture in March 2023, strengthening their presence in the pharmaceutical market to offer state-of-the-art pharmaceutical packaging solutions. The partnership provides a catalog with over 300 items.

Drawing on their extensive expertise as technology leaders and global players, the partners possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with production facilities in Greece, Poland, Spain and Germany.

Visit us at the Pharmapack on January 24th and 25th, 2024, at Booth D43, and learn more about our secure and sustainable packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products!

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